October 1, 2018

As a person who grew up in the countryside, I was always close to nature. Everyday time away from home, the way to school and free time - always in the open air. It used to be so natural for me that I didn't need to look for a place to rest, and contact with nature was something obvious. Over the years, when I became a teenager and then a twenty-year-old, I went to the capital. Big cities tempted with their otherness, and the village became boring and too quiet. I clung to people, I liked to get to know new places. Warsaw, loud, delighted with the number of shops, meeting places and the possibility of choice, while nature was limited to the view of pigeons on the windowsill or ducks in the park. Then it did not bother me. Contact with people was more valuable to me and the possibilities of spending free time were not limited to walking, besides I could go to my hometown at any time. After years, when I found a man to live permanently and make my own family, I began to appreciate a certain calmness and watch the place where I spend my time. Maybe I currently (I do not) live where I really want, but I've learned to find places to relax both for my body and my mind.

And so on the last weekend of September, and in the morning, we went for a small walk. Below are some photos from these moments. I hope that they will also allow you to forget about problems or plans and break away from reality for a moment. Such relaxation for your mind.

And by the way, would you believe that there are eagles here?

Here, I mean Mazowsze - Central part of Poland. In the mountains, it's obvious, but here it turns out that they are also here. As for me (a fan of flying predators) it is wonderful.