She graduated from the Warsaw School of Computer Science with a diploma in Information Technology. An IT Engineer by profession, professionally associated with the Fashion and Photographic industry. Over the recent years, she has organized numerous photographic sessions in Poland and abroad, including places like Tunisia, Norway. Several times she sat in the jury of the finals of “Projekt Modelka” -a womens metamorphosis project by Paula Marciniak. She is creative person with excellent communicative skills, sense of aesthetics, highly organized and demanding. He has leadership qualities, which is perfect for professional work and the need to manage team. She is able to adopt the client’s way of thinking, looking from client perspective to reality. She implements work by relying on a realistic assessment, counting with specific possibilities and taking actions that guarantee effectiveness. Has experience in building lasting business relationships. She has an outstanding sense of people.

In the words of friends:
“Not everyone can see something unusual in the ordinary reality – she can. Even before she takes a picture, she can perfectly see what the end result will be. A woman extremely active, full of contrasts and life challenges … Inspired by travels – especially those exotic – she changed her vision of photography. In her pictures, even shades of gray have their own palette. Caring for details, she devotes herself to her passion with extreme precision.

With each photo we get to know more stories, the emotions of the captured moment, and the people who she photographed, feel during a session like a friend over coffee. The style that has been developed over the years, easy to receive, but not trivial, encourages you to discover your inner self. Photo sessions with Aurelya can be called an adventure and her free style of being does not interfere with a professional attitude. Always on time, always prepared, self-confident gives the best, because nothing is impossible, there are only challenges and they just reflect the strength and beauty of her photography. ”