September 14, 2018

This was my second time - the second meeting at the Nespresso Masterclass workshop. The first was like having breakfast with coffee. Different faces and possibilities of serving coffee, plus a delicious croissant. "Oh, today, without starter," I heard from the person next to me. As you can see, not only I remember last meeting so well.

This time, completely different: 5 new Master Orgin coffees (Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia, India) and a bit of knowledge about the origin of these flavors. Earlier, I did not realize that there were so many differences between coffees. I used to taste coffee or not, but acidity, bitterness, intensity?

The usual degustation island changed for coffee tasting day to a green piece of the world. Decorations have moved us into a completely different world, and the stories of origins and diversity of coffees confirmed the taste of pure espresso.

Coffee's red fruits - coffee is made of them. As it turns out, the taste is influenced not only by the origin or conditions in which the coffee grows, but also the color of the fruit (maturity), the amount of pulp that stays on them, drying or the way of smoking. Everyone had the opportunity to look closely at the coffee beans from which this coffee comes from.

And finally a small, but very useful gift - "My Nespresso moments", a notebook to record my experience with coffee.

A moment of conversation with Mrs. Małgosia and our photo - that is, the whole me. :)

And one photo from the series: "I will hide behind the flower": D

And finally my favorite: Nicaragua - she deserves a private session;)