July 16, 2018

There are moments in life when the only thing we need is peace and quiet. When we want to rest from everything that surrounds us, and on holidays we completely do not want to plan and think, no longer mention to rush from meeting to the next meeting.

That was also my plan for this trip: peace and quiet. Oh yes!

As you probably already know, Tunisia is one of those places where I do not need bigger plans to go there. All you need is ticket for a charter plane, a free time and I can fly. Longing for the feeling of peace, good weather and warm sea, I decided to visit my Tunisian friends. I planned to spend half of my stay at Reba in Korba, and spend the other half at Sousse. Very early flight on one hand enjoyed an additional day on the spot, on the other hand it was a prediction of massacring fatigue. Taught by experience (and with the advice of my friend) I bought a bottle for water, which I took to my hand luggage. As it turns out, our Chopin airport in Warsaw has points with the Warsaw "kranówka" - tap water, so everyone can calmly take on the water to drink - for free;) I also bought a small, sweet snack, which turned out to be the ideal solution.

With some excitement I watched the clouds and hoped that in the end I will photograph another plane from the window - unfortunately not this time. After about 2.5 hours we started to descend and we reached the awaited shore.

At the airport, my Tunisian friend Reema greeted me with her family. Personally, I think that the opportunity to live with a "local" family is an invaluable experience in every my trip, but above all an incredible courtesy on their part, for which I am always grateful.

The first few days I spent in Korba, Nebeul, Hammamet and Tunis. I have already been to each of these places (in some cases several times), but I enjoyed visiting them each time. As it turned out, each of these places brought as a gift of new experiences and knowledge.

Korba - supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia and 10 minutes walk from Reema's house. Wonderful place ♥ It's definitely worth spending some time here.

The beautiful landscape of the sunset provoked melacholic thoughtfulness. And the smell of jasmine and the moon heralding the end of Ramadan. It is good that I was not alone here - otherwise I would probably stay here,.. ;)

Like every place, Tunis also has its two faces. One: dirty and not safe, and the other: clean, giving the impression that we are in a completely different country. I remember, just before leaving the louage, Reema said: "sisi, be careful and keep your bag closer" - two suggestions and I already knew what to expect. She was right: in that place, it's best to play the local girl. ;)

After a long moment, we decided to go to a richer, and thus a safer place. For our lunch we stopped at the Frederic Cassel Restaurant. From outside, the restaurant encouraged us to come inside (especially when we take into account the standards of normal places in Tunisia), but when we went to the terrace: then it was completely insane. Rocking chairs, beautiful view of the lake with the mountain in the background and planes that were just flying to the nearby Tunis airport. We ordered a strawberry ice tea, pizza and lasagne, delicious, simply perfect. It is a pity, however, that the service is still normal Tunisian standard (which in my opinion means a lack of complete interest in the client, until he clearly shows that he is waiting for some time).

I hope that someone will surprise me at one day with the level of service,..

After a short rest, it's time for Sidi Bou Said. Another place in Tunis where you just want to be. I remember the day when I was there for the first time: it was in winter, delicious hot bambalouni (similar to our donuts with a hole, deep fried, sprinkled with sugar) this view and Reema, me and S. Then the view surprised me and charmed me. Today, it does not surprise, however, it still can attract me. Today was just as breathtaking as 8 years ago.

Tunis Carthage and such a nice beach. Do you know that there are people (locals) who have no idea about this place? It's such a little top secret place, which as you can see is no longer top secret ;) Reema may not be strictly local, but she knows what I like ♥

At the end of the day we were invited to dinner - and here I must admit that the service (the first time) surprised me with its perfect approach to the client - both in the ordinary contact and knowledge of serving wine. A delicious steak (perfectly fried in a point) in a pepper sauce confirmed the class and style of the place. I will definitely go back there - but it in a separate post. ;)

The time has come for Sousse - which means that half of my stay has already passed. I started my stay in this city from sunbathing and meeting literally several friends. As in last year, Houria came to me - for which I would like to thank you too.


I would not be myself if I did not visit Kantaoui. It was here that I lived during my first stay in Sousse, when I planned sessions at the beach and at the already famous Sahara golf course. Impossible?

Everything is possible, and in particular - finding grass in the desert ;-) - who can do that? ;P Meanwhile, some photos from this probably the most popular place in Sousse: Port el Kantaoui.

During my previous visits in Sousse, I was staying in apartments overlooking the dancing fountains. This time I spent only a few minutes here, but the time with the music from the movie "Gladiator" is a moment of relaxation. Maybe not as spectacular as in Dubai, but I was already here, and it would be hard not to do that.

In Kantaoui there is one more (but not the last) place that is worth visiting, especially if we miss "our" food and spending time our way. This is Hard Rock Cafe at Port el Kantaoui. I definitely like this place and is currently one of my favorites in Sousse.

It was the last morning sunrise that came to greet me during my entire stay. It was so much easier to take a picture, because in order to make a return flight I had to get up at 4.00 in the morning. Here you can see a few photos, from time on the beach with Hayet and time to go home. At the end of such a curiosity: do you know that Hayati means "my life" and in Tunisia (almost) every name have a meaning ? :)

At such a beautiful morning it was hard not to turn away for a moment, and it was even harder not to take a picture.

These were the last moments in Tunisia. Enfidha airport grew out from the earth and I knew that in a few hours I would be at home. I know that in a while I will visit this place again.

Warszawa przywitała mnie z otwartymi ramionami i z różą w dłoni. I jak tu się nie uśmiechać?

The next / last stay has come to an end (after eight I've stopped counting which one it was). I've achieved my goal and rested. I even missed my family a little;)

Personally, I think that I am extremely fortunate to have such a family and friends - here and there. Thank you for the opportunity to implement my ideas.

At the end a few photos with a Tunisian family and friends. I know there are friends who would like to meet with me, but with great pleasure we will do this next time!. Nchallah ;)

P.S. and finally (for those who read to the last line) :)

If you are already in Tunis and want to eat this good steak, be sure to visit Au Bon Vieux Temps in Sidi Bou Said ;)