November 16, 2016

Polish autumn sometimes force us to spend more time at home. This is the best time to review our spring and summer pictures and choose the ones you want to keep for longer. But where to look for good quality albums, photo-posters or other photo-products? The Internet offers us the same what the people offer us, and here, unfortunately, sometimes we can be disappointed. For this reason I decided to show you one of the professional firms, so that your memories will be saved for longer.


From the first moment, my cooperation with Saal-Digital, is a real professional. Service department takes care of contact with the customer, both in the preparation of products as well as when the products are sent to your home. To encourage you to check the quality of their products, the company suggest you to use the discount code on selected products of their company. Just visit, and choose from a menu section what interests you. At the top of the page appears in, the code and the amount of discount. I do not think I need to be encouraged to take advantage of the offer, the more that the perfect opportunities to use coupons are approaching.

But getting back on track, I want to present you two products, in which I had a chance to take a closer look.


The first is the Photobook and I tested it using professional photos taken with good, and super fine quality cameras. I chose the format 19 x 19 cm, as it was this size which allows me to carry it with me to all over the world, without losing details and also showing the quality of my photos. Rigid card and high-quality paper, highlights the beauty and the color of the photos. One of the most interesting option is the ability to design exactly every centimeter by centimeter of photo book – no matter if it's a cover or the last page. It is worth to add that the program to design a photo book is a really easy tool, so that people who don't have experience with this type of program shouldn't have any problems with the finalization of the order. However, if you have any questions, you can always contact with a nice service, that will instruct you how to finalize your order.  


The second product is the photo-image (fotoobraz), which I tested it as "a mere mortal" ;). Especially here I chose the usual souvenir photo from Dubai made by I'Phone, and for this purpose I chose the photo image - Dibond Butlerfinish. I guess that it could be a big challenge, but the most beautiful souvenirs from holidays, are always this kind of quality. Ideal format for wall, that is 650 x 450, and the finishing added to them unusual look.  


At the end I must add that safely packaged parcel, very quickly was delivered to my house – it took about 2-3 days. My general assessment of both: the company, the whole process of preparation and implementation, as well as the quality and appearance of the product estimated SAAL Digital at the very high level. It was a very nice experience and I sincerely recommend this company. Definitely I'll come back there with the new projects.