November 28, 2016
Imagine the center of the city during a cold December evening with a million lights and pedestrians and I in the middle of with a cup of hot coffee. Oh yes, I like it. These moments spent in urban cafe with someone... with whom I like to share that kind of moments... It's like the time in our home... This is the perfect ambience in the city cafe. The situation is quite different when we are alone, for the first time in a new city. Man does not exactly know where to go to spend those few moments. If that's so, it appears the world famous "Starbucks". From the first moments very nice staff greets us with a smile on their faces, presenting novelties and seasonal suggestions. Regardless of whether you decide on something classical, or you risk of trying something new, we can be sure that the taste will be perfect. Each coffee will be prepared especially for us - with non-fat milk, whipped cream or even raspberry syrup - the choice is ours and the coffee will be literally "our". If you do not want coffee, you will always find there other, equally carefully prepared drinks and juices. If it happens that, despite the perfection of preparation, you do not like the drink, you can return it and exchange for something what you like. Isn't it an interesting and fair solution? The Starbucks is not just a cafe, but also the style and the perfect place to work. Each of cafes known to me, has access to the power and the Wi-Fi with a working Internet connection. During the work, we can Also, if you want to enjoy the taste of coffee in the comfort of your home, you have the opportunity to buy both coffee or additives, as well as cups of the Starbucks series. To home, to takeaway, hot or iced, and even as a souvenir with the name of the city in which we presently are. All we can buy in one place. It doesn't matter in which country currently I am. I am always trying to find the Starbucks and sit there even for a while. Not only, just out of curiosity to find out if I drink there my favorite coffee, and will it be prepared as well as in Warsaw, but also in order to be sure that this moment will be a good investment of my time. No matter where am I, I know that this place never lets me down. And you, if you do not know where to spend your free time, just select the Starbucks. You won't be disappointed ;)