April 9, 2019

It is said that Dubai is a city of dreams. For some, elusive, simply unobtainable, for others a trip out of town or to the city,, life for others. A place where there are no taxes, safe, people are more joyful. It seems that life is easier, better.

We as guests of the hotel are treated with tremendous respect. Even if someone wanted to get to something, it will be not possible.

We were greeted with a white rose and sparkling apple drinks. The smiling receptionist gived us the card to the room and all the most important information. The living room is spacious, clean - it has something from home. In addition to the kitchenette (even the washing machine is), bedroom, bathroom and toilet and a balcony with a view of the Burj Khalifa. And the smell, Light, pleasant, you want to spend your time here.

The hotel is called Damac Maison Royale Distinction.

This is view from my hotel room 2105

I'm drinking Nespresso with a view to Burj Khalifa tower.
That night I set the alarm clock. I did not want to be late for breakfast and the late arrival and 3 hours difference could have been significant. Service in Casper and Gambini's (hotel restaurant) greeted us with a smile. Only on the first day they asked us for the room number to remember us. Alyssa - a young and very nice waitress - together with the rest of the team, they were always at hand. Coffee, tea, fried egg, scrambled eggs, pancake with maple syrup. Everything is delicious and quickly prepared.  Swedish table, everyone could choose what they want..
Pomegranate Mojito

Fresh Salmon Black Inked Pasta

Chicken Pesto Pasta
In this restaurant, we not only spent breakfast - it was delicious and close at hand. Particularly important after the pool, when the water pulled out the energy and the sun slept. The pool is also pleasant and safe - service, lifeguards and cold water in bottles. Here, too, they only asked  us once for the room number, and then they gived us water as soon as we arrived everytime. SPA and gym was also there, but it turned out that we did not have enough time.

Photo by @Infini.adventure
Everything was perfect in this hotel, but the view from the balcony was the most beautiful. We were here everyday. You could say - same us how to brush your teeth: morning, evening and after every meal. The view calmed us down and thus hypnotized inviting another laser show from Burj Khalifa. Then I also thanked that it is from this side that the magical colors of the skyscraper can be seen. And we set up the Equinox Albert tripods, mounted NiSi filters and photographed until the end of the shows. It could not be different way. I will say more: we will be back here again only with friends.
Laser Show on Burj Khalifa - view from our balcony.