July 28, 2018

In recent times, I have the impression that I am witnessing an unusual phenomenon every now and then. On the Internet or television, I hear: "the biggest fire of the century", "the biggest flood", heat, melting of the glacier - the largest for "x" years, not to mention the end of the world. Yesterday I participated in the longest eclipse of the moon from years, next will be in next 100 years,  although from some sources it appears that over 400. As I understand everything mathematically calculated, so I do not have to check - oh, I will not survive anyway. 😂.

Pictures made using Sony Alpha 7RIII with a telephoto lens Sony GM 100-400mm f4.5-5.6, some with the use of extender x1.4. Personally, I love this equipment. 😃 Meanwhile (as I am not a master of describing astronomical and astrological phenomena) I share with you what I managed to capture this evening.

This is how the first moments was visible from the observation deck of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw..

Warsaw at night, with the moon in the background.

Not only the moon was an unusual phenomenon yesterday. In the picture below you can see the planet Mars - the brightest spot visible under the moon. For astronomers, this is even more interesting (even more rare phenomena) , because on this night Mars will be in opposition to the Moon (previously, the opposition of Mars and the lunar eclipse took place in 1356). I'm just curious from where they know it all,.? I think this movie about vampires is not a fairy tale, though. ;)

Everything what is beautiful ends, time to return to normality;)

At the end the moon is normal, in full and in all its glory :)

It was definitely an interesting experience, an amazing phenomenon and I am glad that so many people can still enjoy the view of the lunar eclipse. Free and brings people closer :) Let's use them until they make us pay for it. ;)

P.S Thank you to my husband for the fact that we have the same passion and help me realize my unusual ideas. :)