April 22, 2018

When the first time I heard the question: "Who was S.? Please write something more about him. ", I thought that this is probably not a topic to tell. Apparently friends know and really do not know anything - they only guess. Besides, it is such a long story that it will be difficult to describe it in a few sentences. I have not even been (and still am not) sure if this is a good idea. My mind was crossed by contradictory thoughts, from those anxious to those in which one wants to speak - because there was really something to write about. After a long moment of reflection, I said, "Let it be, let these few sentences illuminate what was and is important about him." let it be written down on the pages of history.

S. from the beginning was not an ordinary Tunisian friend. Not only he have his charm (which others did not notice, until it unexpectedly reached me.), but also something that can not be described in words - he feels. Helpful, organized, caring, different. That was S., and therefore my relation with him.

Yes, our familiarity was different. Other than all of which were before in Sousse.
I remember that day: hot weather, 13th of September,. At the time, he did not know that his fears about a one-day trip to the Sahara would be just an unjustified vision of failure. That he will get more than he thinks and that this day will change not only his life but also my life. From the very beginning he wanted to help - in the restaurant, with my photo equipment, on the road. He was silent when I spoke and he chatted, when I did not say anything - he was a friend from the beginning.

The next two months it was planning pleasure - with him. I have not met a man who can plan something for longer than a day. I loved those moments when we sat down and thought up where and when we would go. He said, "Hey baby, we forgot one thing: it's winter, so we do not have as much time in the day as we thought. We must shorten our journey, because at 5:00 pm it is already dark. ".

The day has come when I flew to Tunisia again. I knew that he will be at the airport - he was never late. He knew that the most important thing for me was a sense of security - and I was always safe with him. He never exposed me to unnecessary emotions. Every day, when we left for the next trip in the morning, he brought me coffee and breakfast. I remember the first time he brought me a piece of cake (??) and coffee for breakfast. I ate, although he quickly learned that not necessarily sweet breakfasts are my style ... 😉

One day he called me saying "baby, do you remember that I'm on an english course? Imagine that we were learning numbers and had to repeat: one, two, three, four, .. hahahaha "- and so he baked two birds with one stone. On the one hand, he boasted to everyone that he knows someone from another country. on the other, he assured me that I do not have a competition 😉
Then I got a hand-made (by his mother) scarf from sheep's Tunisian wool - so far it protects my neck in winter days.

And so years was passing and I could always count on him. Of course, he has and has his faults - he knows what I'm talking about. 😉 Over the years we have learned to keep our things secret so that only those who know can know. Such trusted friends - and enough. The rest could only guess - what I do not deny was even more amusing.

The funniest questions were: "but why do you still carry his name?", "Do you have contact?" They could not bear ignorance. Instead of looking for their own happiness, love,  trips, meetings & adventures take care of their own lives, they focus their attention on us. They wanted to take his place, but they could not. They tried - they used the moments of weakness, however, they never succeeded.



I remember S. saying in moments of my doubt: "Do you know why they do that? Because they envy us. "
And then he added: "I will never say a bad word about you, even when others say so. I know who you are. "