Poland, Ustroń / March 6, 2018

It promised to be a beautiful, hot day of Polish summer. In the morning we left house and drive a few hours to spend time in our Polish mountains. The surroundings of Skoczów welcomed us with the first look at mountains, informing us that we are almost there. One thing was sure: it's the right place. Beautiful views of the Silesian Beskids charmed us.
For an overnight stay (previously booked) we chose a small hotel with a graceful name "Pearl of Beskid - Perła Beskidu". As soon as we arrived, we already knew that it was a good choice. Pleasant service gave us cards and all information about the operation of the facility: breakfast, SPA, dinners, etc.

Despite the attractiveness of the hotel, at the first dinner we decided to go to the inn somewhere down town. The nice old lady show us the parking place and we went to the restaurant. Then a walk around Ustroń city and finding yourself in this small but interesting place - I am still surprised why there is a coat-of-arms with the name "Ustronie Morskie" on the sidewalk ?! indicating that we were in a seaside town, and yet we were in the mountains. We planned to visit the Forest Park of Surprises "Leśny Park Niespodzianek" (about that I will write someday in another post), a trip to Wisła, Istebna cities and a few other places, but the goal number one was to find the way to the building almost at the top of the mountain. Attempts to climb up were unsuccessful and navigation showed roads that are not there. Resigned and slightly tired, we decided to return to the hotel by a completely different route, when suddenly we saw a plate with the direction of Równica mountain. I was sure that we were on the right path (in one of the souvenir shops I saw a card with marked peaks, there was Równica peak). We decided to check if we are right. A fairly narrow and steep road slightly frightened us - especially when we were passing by with another car, but the views were unearthly.

At the top of mountain - tavern Skibówka waited for us. Well-organized service and nice people encouraged to stay. And we stayed ... Everything was beautiful - especially the view. It was very hard to capture this beauty by photography camera.

The next days confirmed our belief that this is the place where you want to be - not only for the views, though I must admit that it is wonderfully beautiful. Not only for food, although the traditional broth was really tasty, let alone pancakes, but above all for the atmosphere that prevailed there. And so days passed, and we everyday eat lunch or dinner at Skibówka. The day has come when we decided to change something. I've found another similar place on the internet with a beautiful view - this time in Istebna city. And unfortunately, apart from the view, there was nothing that was worth staying longer. Service, the menu left a lot to be desired, for this I asked myself one question: who is doing the parking between the restaurant and the sunset ?! Resigned and slightly pissed off, we decided that it was definitely a better idea to use a proven place.

The next day from the morning seemed to be special. On the occasion of my birthday, we decided to finish another peak by foot - the first for a long time for us and the first in my son Natan's life. We drove up to the above Small Czantoria cable railway and then up the hill - straight to Big Czantoria mountain - step by step on foot. We were welcomed by beautiful Beskid views ...

The views and the place itself were beautiful. I recommend such a walk with my heart.
In the evening, we decided to go to our favorite place at sunset.
Unfortunately, it turned out that the wedding was held there on that day. It could not be worse. I decided to call the spy from the land of raincoats and ... book a place. As the saying goes: do not give up and if someone close the door, enter by the window 😉. When the lady from the service informed me that today they have a wedding and the restaurant is closed, I asked in a nice and warm voice: "You really will not find a piece of space for a quick dinner?".
- "How many people would be?..." I already knew that it would only work how to explain that we would be in three minutes? 😛 We are happy that in the end we will eat something good and rest from the failure of the previous restaurant, we sat on the balcony to do not disturb. We could not find anything nicer: the mountain music band was playing for guests eating dinner, which meant that we had a wonderful evening. After a successful meal, we left to admire another beautiful sunset from Skibówka mountain - and this time it was even more beautiful. A strip of transparent sky formed between the horizon and the clouds. Both wedding guests and us were waiting to say goodbye to sun disappearing over the horizon.

And this is how the symbol of Ustroń became a tavern under the peak of Równica called Manor Skibowówka. With a slight regret that we have to come back home we decided that we will visit them soon, because such places are not only views or food quality - although of course this is a great asset, but above all people and how they approach others. During this time, Thank You, Dear Skibówka, I promise to come back to you soon.
Dear reader ... I dearly recommend this place for you.