TUNIS / February 19, 2018

Each trip begins in the same way. Selection of places, calculation of the possibility of kilometers in relation to the number of sunny hours, planning ,. And the road ,. The road reminds me of the rest between the destination points, the so-called checkpoints. However, does it always have to be that the road is just an episode connecting two points? This time the road was more than that.

December 2010. The North African air clearly showed that it was winter. A short day. Only the sun was different from ours - Polish sun. It was warmer, nicer, different. On a sunny day, wearing sweater was enough, ... evening - evenings are something else. Cold, dark and windy.However, it was like this - then & I was there and I was sure, that - it would be a shame to waste my time sitting in one place.

El-Jam, Kairouan, Mahdia, Monastir, Bizerte & Sahara - these were my destinations, which together with S. we planned for this time. One could say that these are typical tourist places, but winter allows you to walk your own paths. Only few tourists, more "locals". And the way. This time the greatest pleasure was watching people. Girls coming from school, a man walking by the way, womens. "Look, look, look. here, .. "- said S. and slowed down the car so that I could easily take next photos. After a long time, I had the impression that he is more interested in making cool photos than me.










After returning to Poland, I was thinking about the people I saw. About their everyday life, work and routine. About how their life probably looks like and whether it really is the fulfillment of their dreams. I also understood why they want to get out of this country so badly, why they desperately catch everything that will help them live a better life.

And so, not target points (though they were important to me), but the road gained more value in these journeys. And I know one thing: "Getting to know it - willingness to see. Not just observation".