Poland / December 13, 2017
Winter. The time of the Year, which children and also those who doesn't have it – love it. So, how the real polish winter looks like, and is it true that it is so scary? Are there someone who loves it no matter what? Do we have the beautiful days despite the frost and amounts of the snow? Of course, everyone has their own feelings about it, however it has to be admitted that Poles simply loves ... to complain. Also, I don't prefer the cold, however if the winter came I am trying to find the positive aspects of the winter. In fact Poland could have been more beautiful if it was a little bit more sun and snow instead of almost half a year of cold, gloomy, rainy days. img_2971 img_3121 img_3131 The most beautiful winter is in the mountain, so if you're planning to visit our country and you wish to experience the cold and snowy days I definitely suggest timing from December (with a beautiful Christmas atmosphere) until February. The snow in the mountain is supposed to happened also in October or in April. It happens that also in May we are having the snow, especially in high mountain, so there is plenty to choose from - it is worth to have an appropriate clothing. a_zima_01 a_zima_02 The first and in my opinion one of the most beautiful mountain towns is Zakopane. Of course, along the mountain range we can also find other as beautiful cities as Zakopane, but Zakopane is always touching my heartstrings. Some people claims that Zakopane is too tourist and focused on making money, but personally, I think that if you' re nice for others you will be properly taken care of. Mountains have their own amazing atmosphere, and this town is located in an ideal spot. The small streets with little shops selling the woolen slippers and leather bags. The traditional Polish cuisine, mulled wine with orange and cloves served in the mountain taverns with warming us fireplaces - attracts. The highlander music and the joy of life impresses. The highlanders really know how to have fun and enjoy the life. Furthermore, the horse sleigh ride and the creaking snow under your feet - which means that it is frost - guarantee truly unforgettable moments. Another great place, situated around 100 km from Zakopane, is Krakow. It's much more bigger city, however, with equally pleasant atmosphere. It is wonderful to get lost somewhere between the main market, Krakows' Galery and Vistula boulevard with a cup of hot chocolate. Krakow has the pleasant peaceful atmosphere and joy of students' life. This is that kind of city that has to be visited by everyone, regardless of age or nationality. My dear aunt, whom I am visiting at every opportunity, also lives there. That's why I have more than one reason to go there. img_3186 Winter also is beautiful in our plain. It is true that here snows less frequently, but I have to admit that in his own way I like this time of a year. Some people have the sandy desert, we have the snow, others have the dunes, we have the drifts ;). Winter can be beautiful and perhaps the most important is to be able to appreciate it, once you have it. I hope that the winter will visit us at this year Christmas to have even more intense Christmas atmosphere. Besides, there is no bad weather - there are only people not appropriately dressed for the weather ;).